Race Day Experience

Ask Coach Ed why Team Z has been so successful over the years, and he’ll tell you “burgers and beer.” The principle is simple. Feeding fast folks at workouts and races and giving them a reason to “hang out” means that they will do just that.  They’ll stick around, get to know one another, and ultimately be around for, cheer for, and get to know the slower folks.  It’s that simple, and it all started with Ed’s SUV, a small propane grill, a cooler, and lots of fun conversation! Fast forward a few years, and Team Z now offers a litany of race day and race weekend services, and the physical space that is Team Z “village”now has the square footage of a small house! With the help of our three trailers “Hercules,” “8-Ball,” and “Casper,” the race day culture has grown to be a full weekend of fun activity!

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