Training Programs

Mary PickeringTeam Z provides training plans for Iron, half-iron, Olympic/International, and sprint-distance triathlons. These plans may include other activities like marathons, half-marathons, 10 k’s, 5 k’s, organized group rides, masters swim meets, and open water swims, but they are focused on the ultimate goal of preparing athletes to peak for a triathlon. Athletes choose which distance training plan they follow based on the “A” race that they want to peak for.  A races are races the team votes on and our training plans prepare the team for.

Within our 140.6, 70.3, and under 70.3 training programs, we offer 4 or more training tracks, with different levels of difficulty, to follow based on your fitness level, experience, and desired volume and intensity.

If needed, you can mix and match different tracks as desired. For example, if you are an experienced runner but don’t have any clue how to ride a road bike, then you could pick track 3 or 4 for your runs and track 1 for bike training.

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