Training Overview


Team Z offers more group training opportunities than you could possibly take advantage of! There are over 60 group workout opportunities throughout the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia areas each week to match your training plans. You’re out of excuses!

All of our group workouts are well organized and emphasize quality over quantity. They are led by qualified coaches and team leaders and are designed to make even the most timid athletes feel like part of the group. Team Z workouts combine hard work with quality coaching, ample learning opportunities, and an opportunity to have fun and socialize.

Our tiered training plans and our ability to modify workouts based on athletes’ abilities allows our group workouts to fit the needs of athletes of all levels.

Can’t make a workout? That’s OK… you are not alone, we are not all full time ┬átriathletes! Team Z’ers have hectic jobs, families, hobbies, church, travel, all kinds of “stuff” to balance while navigating their training. Team Z’s educational curriculum and program design empowers athletes to understand not just what workouts to do on what day, but why and how they are doing them… allowing them to train with us when they can fit our group workouts in or on their own when they can’t.

Check out where we train to see which Team Z workouts would work for you! We currently offer rides for hill work, rides for speed work, fully supported long rides with sag vehicles, recovery runs, track workouts, long runs, bootcamps, yoga classes, foam roller sessions, hash runs, swim workouts, open water swim practices, and over 100 educational clinics a year.

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