Info Sessions

Folks!  We would like to thank each of you VERY much for your interest in Team Z.  Our program is very unique, and in order to do it justice we honestly feel like we should spend a fair amount of time with you explaining how it works.  In place of answering each request for information individually, what we’d like to do is invite you to attend one of the information sessions that we have scheduled (Directions and scheduled dates are provided below).  We think if you came then all of your questions would be answered!

Team Z information sessions are very casual and held in locations in Arlington (Va),  Sterling (Va), Cleveland Park (DC), and Silver Spring (Md).  At each information session we spend about 45-60 minutes presenting an overview of our program, and then open the floor to questions. Attendance at an information session requires absolutely no obligation on your part, only that you bring yourself/friends and ask as many questions as you like.  If you are interested in attending one of our sessions, please RSVP directly at

Please understand that Team Z is a very unique Triathlon group training program.  There are many advantages to participating in a program like ours, all of which we’ll discuss at our upcoming information sessions.  Because we are a group training program, we start our new members in groups on a periodic basis throughout the season.  Our cyclical start group philosophy helps us to ensure that we deliver a high quality training program each time a new member joins our team.  This is because the Team Z coaches share important information through a comprehensive series of planned clinics that range in topic from how to buy running shoes and bikes to executing perfect swim technique and intelligent race strategies.  Do you think you’d be able to attend one of the following information sessions?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Team Z Coaching Staff

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