Masters Swimming

Years ago Team Z and a masters swim program now called Lane 4 (L4S) Masters Swimming joined forces in an effort to offer an adult swimming program with quality coaching that is user friendly for athletes of all abilities. With these shared values we have grown into the largest masters swim program in the country, made up of a mixture of Team Z’ers and non triathletes of all abilities and backgrounds. With over 20 locations in the metro DC area, beginner friendly swim practices offered every day of the week, and regularly scheduled open water swim practices… Lane 4 Masters and Team Z leave you with no more excuses!

Membership in Team Z is not required to participate in Lane 4 Masters Swimming workouts.


1. Join United States Masters Swimming under the team name Lane 4 Masters (abbreviated L4S ). If you are already a USMS member, please log in and change your team affiliation to L4s.

2. Create an account on our Lane 4 Masters Swimming web page (or, if you have an account already, skip to step 3)

3. Purchase a quarterly pass or punch card. Note that you can choose any payment option that you like, but Team Z’s training plans schedule your swim workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So if you decide to join Team Z, and your schedule allows you to follow our plans, the Tues/Thurs only option is a much more economical option for you! If not you have other payment options and lots of practices offered on other days to choose from.

An e-mail receipt is auto generated and notes that you paid the full amount of the pass. If you choose the quarterly payment option, however, your credit card will be billed a prorated amount based on the value of swims left in the quarter at the time of purchase.

4. Receive your pass.¬†Once you’ve made your online purchase you will either receive a pdf document in your e-mail (if you chose the quarterly payment plan) or your 10 swim punchpass via US postal service. Whichever you choose you will need to bring that to practice and expect to show it to the coach on deck. If you choose a quarterly pass, check your junk mail just in case! And note- quarterly passes are billed automatically each quarter.

5. Check out our practice times and start coming!

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