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As one of the largest teams in the country, Team Z has resources and offers services that many other programs can’t, and we are committed to giving our members the individual attention, training, and educational opportunities that they deserve in a fun and nurturing environment.Team Z offers the following services to all members:

  • Online training plans for distances ranging from sprint to ironman
  • Approximately 60 group activities and workouts each week in Virginia, DC, and Maryland
  • Race day support and help with registration, travel, and race logistics
  • Regular open water swim training and clinics
  • Routine team cycling time trial and running tests to measure progress
  • Relay coordination, especially helpful in allowing new athletes to participate in races before they are able, or willing, to do so individually
  • Over 150 educational clinics a year
  • Fully supported weekend rides with sag vehicle support
  • Networking opportunities to teammates and experts like professional athletes, store owners, race directors, etc.
  • Discounts and services from local vendors that are unique to Team Z
  • Regular access to 3 full time coaches and dozens of experienced workout leaders

Team Z is a growing, innovating organization.  We are constantly looking for ways to better serve our members.  We continue to add to the programs above to make sure we are supporting our members’ pursuit of their triathlon goals the best way possible.

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